Can I advertise offers for Used Bikes?

We have almost completed a “bike classifieds” feature for the BikeRoar site. This will enable normal users to post listings for used bikes.

Once the feature is ready, we will also enable premium Bike Shop accounts the ability to list both new and used bikes for sale in the classifieds section as well.

We will notify all store account owners once this feature is ready.

Can I add every brand to my listing?

We do not have any restrictions on which brands you add to your listings.

We will reserve the right, however, to remove a brand association from your store if requested by the Manufacturer or Distributor, or if we find out by any other means that the brand is not actually stocked by your store.

This is to ensure that the information presented to BikeRoar users is up-to-date and accurate.

Can I connect my POS software to BikeRoar?

We don’t currently have the ability to link your Point of Sale (POS) software with the BikeRoar platform, however this is a feature that we are actively working on. Stay tuned for an update on this.